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Onze Aanpak

Our approach

The transformation of an organisation involves a continuous interaction between improvement, change and renewal. We believe in the potential of your organisation. To start with, we will explore how to best undertake our journey together.


When we explore we analyse what the challenges are together. And, what transformation is required. The exploration phase provides a picture of how your organisation is best helped.

Desk research

Touch & feel

Stakeholder dialogues


After the exploration phase it is time to clarify the goal to be achieved: the ideal destination of your organisation. The result of this phase is to create a common picture of the destination.

Dream room

Shared ambition

Ideal destination


We will outline the different scenarios that lead to this destination. Together we will choose one of them, set up a project organisation and formalise the key milestones. This initiates the implementation, which signifies the start of our journey together.

Programme plan


Decision making


It is time for the implementation. In this journey we act as your proactive guides. Together we will set up a project team. In addition, we will bring in our expertise, experience and network. Or, when needed, that of external parties and experts.




Social Enterprise day 2014-2015

On Social Enterprise Day, companies, governments, institutions and start-ups come together to inspire each other in the field of social entrepreneurship. In addition to an award for a start-up, an award is also presented to the organisation that has been most successfully transformed. On 21 May 2015 this conference, organised by the Municipality of Utrecht, Kirkman Company and Elsevier brought together five hundred interested entrepreneurs.

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YSE24 Business Game

Organisations are looking for their real purpose and seeking new business models. This requires competencies, up-to-date knowledge and a new type of leadership. YSE helps organisations develop the leaders of the future through challenging traineeships.

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